Astrology: A brief introduction

You may have heard about this term in your life time or so. Well, if yes then different people would have different opinion on it. Some would say it’s all rubbish and voodo stuff but for some every decision they take in their life revolves around how the day is going to be for them according to this popular word.

So in this post I will explain what this term really means and will be giving my personal opinion/experience without any bias. After reading and understanding everything it will be up to you to decide whether its waste of time or worth your time. Then

Astrology is a science that was created thousands of years ago by saints and sages who were deeply interested in the in understanding and function of human life. Through deep spiritual practices

they found out that just about everything in our life from our date and time of birth, place of birth to lines on our hands and feet, the physical features of our face or even as simple as the way we talk all indicate our past, present and future. You may be wondering how the hell is it even possible “If I just remove my eye brows or lose weight and slim my face then is it gonna change what will happen to me!!”. Well, I am not saying it is possible or not. I am only telling you what happened and rest is up to you to decide. According to them all the stars and planets above us somehow affected how our life will be and how has it been so far. Though I have included all the above mentioned things in astrology, but in reality astrology is a separate science and reading face or hands is a separate science which all falls under the category Occultism or Occult science.

Specifically, in Astrology we study the placement and movement of 9 planets (Which I will be covering up in my later posts) through the use of our Date, Time and Birth place.

You may have seen this picture or must have heard about these signs. These are called Zodiac signs or their astrological term is Rashi. According to your date, time and birth place these 9 planets are placed in these 12 rashi. After which the whole structure looks like this.

This strange box is knows as Kundli. And Each marked space is known as a House. So, there are 12 houses in which 12 rashi’s are placed

To learn to create it or even understand how to read and predict kundli takes months if not years of practice. Through my personal experience I would say that this definitely works but it mainly depends on who is reading the chart. As with practice and experience and the person should be spiritually uplifted as well. Not every one who has studied this science has the capability to perceive this astrological signs correctly.

In this post I will only be covering till this much. If you are still confused as if this really work or not, do read my other posts on this topic as well. In the mean time I am sure you will learn something.

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