Basics of Kundli

Before Starting; If you have not yet read my early posts on “Introduction on Astrology” and “The 9 planets in Astrology” then please do so. This will ensure that you have some basic knowledge on Astrology if you are a complete beginner.

A Kundli or a Horoscope is a specifically designed chart that is used to analyze a person’s life based on 3 things: Date, Time & Place of birth. There are 12 houses in each Kundli and accordingly the 12 zodiac sings and the 9 planets are placed in each house based on every individual’s Date, Time & Place of birth.

Basics of Kundli


As you can see in the picture there are 12 separate houses and each house plays a special significance in our life. I will be briefly explaining the significance of each house but before that you should know; to successfully analyze any kundli one has to know how to read the chart based on the combination of Planets, Zodiac signs/Rashis and Houses. Simply just by knowing the significance of each house, planet or even rashi will not make you a pro in astrology. Rather you can say is it the base of astrology just like in mathematics Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division are the starting tools that helps us to progress towards more complex mathematical equations.


Significance of each house

1st House or Ascendant: This house represents you as an individual. How you look, your personality, the way others perceive you etc.

2nd House: This is the house of family and wealth. The ethics or morale behavior a child learns from his family. His eating habits and the wealth that he will acquire or has currently.

3rd House: This is the house for communication, short journey (Like small trip, vacation etc.), younger siblings, willpower etc.

4th House: House of happiness. Indicates our assets, cars, luxurious lifestyle. This is also the house of mother. Meaning it indicates the health of our mother, our relationship with her etc.

5th House: This is the house for higher studies, children, past deeds etc.

6th House: One of the 3 malefic house. It indicates Debt, disease, enemy. On a professional level it indicates service class people.

7th House: This is the house for all kinds of relationships. WhetherĀ  be it love, marriage, business etc. If 1st house represents us than the 7th house represents our spouse. This is also the house of business.

8th House: The 2nd Malefic house. This house is like a void/empty space. All the mystic or occult science, supernatural powers, ghosts, mystical dimension. This is the house of secrets, sudden transformation and lottery. As 2nd house represents our wealth than 8th house represents our spouse’s family wealth.

9th House: This is the house of luck. It shows how lucky a person will be. Also the house of pilgrimage and father.

10th House: This is the house of karma and profession. What profession a person will be in, and whether the person will be more inclined towards good or bad actions.

11th House: House of gain. If 10th house is the house of profession than 11 house shows your income. It is also the house of friends and elder siblings.

12th House: The 3rd Malefic house. Jail, hospital, foreign travels all can be seen from this house.

The signs in each house can vary depending on the birth details of every individual. For example:

Michael Jackson KundliJeff Bezos Kundli

The Kundli on left is of Michael Jackson. The zodiac sign or rashi in his first house comes out to be 5 or Leo. Then accordingly 2nd house is 6(Virgo) and so on so forth. The kundli on right is of the richest man alive – Jeff bezos. I will be giving a full detailed analysis on these as well as many famous people kundli in the near future.

There is much more to a kundli than just 12 houses, rashis and 9 planets. In this post I have covered the very basics of Astrology.


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