How to effectively train your arms and get results?

Well, most people start working out for the desire to get big arms. Not only does it make you look good but somehow conveys that you are strong as well. However, only a few are able to get these results. Why??

So, to clear all the doubts related to successfully growing arm size; first we have to learn the simple anatomy of arms, know what mistakes people do and last of all what are the steps that lead to its growth.

Simple anatomy of armsHow to grow arms size


Mainly arms consists of 3 muscle groups: Biceps, Triceps & Forearms. To explain you simply – When you flex your arms you are engaging your biceps. When you extend your arms you are engaging your triceps & when you flex, extend or even more your wrist you are engaging your forearms.


  • Only Training one group of muscle: In most cases people only train their biceps and neglect the other two muscles.
  • Need to increase your training intensity: If you are only doing just few reps and not even feeling the pain/burn while training then you should definitely increase your training intensity.
  • You are not having enough protein rich food: Protein are the building blocks of our muscle. Without having a proper diet no matter how hard you train, muscles growth will not be possible.
  • Your form is not correct: Before lifting heavy weights or even performing multiple reps in a exercise one should check if their form is correct. With correct form you can put more stress on your muscles which will lead to their growth.
  • There is no mind and muscle connection: Mind & Muscle connection means that while doing the exercise your focus is on the muscle that you are trying to grow.

What should be done

  • Eat protein rich diet:
  • Train your arms for at least 2 times in a week
  • Keep increasing your training intensity if your arms routine feels too easy
  • Try to keep your focus on the muscle while training

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