Is Leg workout important?

“Man!! No one sees legs; they are not even visible when you wear your jeans. I am going to skip leg day and let’s make it arm day.”

Well, if you have the same thinking and do not train your legs or if you are the kind of person who never skips the leg day then one should definitely read this post as it covers the pros and cons of leg workout. Also I will be sharing my personal experience of whether I like leg workout or not?

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Many people think training legs mean only squats. It’s 50% true as squats are one of the key exercises for building leg muscles. But I am sure when you train your back or chest you must be separately training your arms as well. The reason is doing specific exercises of different muscle groups will make them grow much faster and will also make them stronger in comparison of doing just one movement for different muscles. Like wise leg muscles include Quads, Hamstrings, Calves, Inner thighs etc. These are the main muscles and if one does specific exercises for each of the listed 4 then the build quality of the legs will be much better.

Ok!! Back to our pros and cons.

Advantages of doing leg workout

  • Testosterone: Leg workout is scientifically proven to be a major factor for increase in testosterone levels.
  • Builds the base: Before the construction begins, the base of any building must be strong likewise leg training not only builds the muscles in legs but do boost the muscle growth of other upper body muscles as well.
  • Good form of cardio: Not have enough time for cardio? Well, leg workout are also very good cardio vascular exercises which helps you to burn more calories.
  • Save you from embarrassment: Have a well built upper body and chicken legs, does not go together very well. Leg workouts will not only shape and define your legs but also will make you feel strong.
  • Core: Working your leg muscles are hugely dependent on your stabilizing muscles (core). If your core is weak doing squats, dead lifts etc. will be very difficult to perform. So, if your are working on your leg muscles you are simultaneously working on your core as well.


Disadvantages of doing leg workout

  • It makes me skip my arm day 🙁

My personal opinion

Prior to having any knowledge I just used to push-ups every single day. So, the result was that I had build a very strong and muscular body but whenever I used to go for run for even brisk walk my legs used to hurt and I used to feel weak in my legs. So, after gaining knowledge on fitness and nutrition I started training my legs for at least 2 times a weak and that definitely gave me a huge boost in building my physique as well as feeling overall strong.

So, without any bias :p I described all the advantages and disadvantages of leg workout. Now the decision is up to you.

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