Jeff Bezos Horoscope analysis (Celebrity Kundli)

Everyone must have heard about Jeff Bezos. The owner of Amazon/The Richest person alive with a net worth of above$200 Billion Dollars. But was it just his hard work that made him reach this platform or is there more to it. I am not saying that is was just a fluke that made him the richest person or that he was just lucky. In terms of Astrology we understand that everything we get in our lives whether be it misery, happiness, success or even failure has a strong connection to our karma(including all our past life’s). Good deeds bring good results and bad deeds bring bad. This is a very vast topic but to put it simply our life is our making.

Jeff Bezos Kundli

Jeff Bezos Kundli Analysis

Since the lagna or the lord of the first house(Jupiter) is placed in the same house it shows that the person will be very intelligent and wise. This combination also gives huge blessings to the individual. Blessings in terms of he will be protected from negative influences around him. His enemies or competitors will not make through him.

You might have noticed that there are many billionairesĀ  who are the owners of the most famous and successful brands. But for some reason they are not famous or are not in the limelight. If you look at Jeff Bezos, he is always in the limelight. Whether be it Oscars, the first person to travel to space in his own aircraft etc.; He is always surrounded by the media. There is a big reason to it. In his kundli most of the planets are placed in the visible houses with his lagna and lord of the 9th house(The house of luck) being strongly placed.

I was reading somewhere that Jeff makes around USD$321 Million/day. That is an insanely huge amount of money in a very short period. If we look behind its reason we can clearly see that the lord of 9th house is placed in the house of gain. Meaning, his luck will favour him to earn money. Also, the lord of the 11th house is placed in 11th itself which will provide him a very good source of income.

If you have read my earlier post on “Basics of Kundli” you will know that the 10th house signifies our work or profession. The planet Sun which is placed in this house is a significance of brilliance and prosperity. Sun in the 10th house is considered to be strong so this will give him strong work ethics. Along with strong work ethicsĀ  he will gain strength in whatever profession he chooses to be. Amazon is a perfect example for it.

If you understand the amazon business model; it clearly revolves around shipping or transportation business to its final customers. Meaning the main one of the main roles of amazon is to safely and efficiently deliver goods to its customers. This transportation mode of business can be seen from the 3rd house. Since 3rd house(Mercury) lord is placed in the 12th house it signifies some kind of transportation work/short journey.

This is a very basic and easy to understand analysis of Jeff Bezos Horoscope. This post is made for the general audience who are completely new or have curiosity into the science behind astrology. A more in depth analysis will be required if someone wants to know the more specific details regarding his life. Like Date and timing of certain events, Business relationships/partners, Marital life, Children etc.


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