Learn Astrology: The 9 Planets in Astrology

If you have studied my early post on Astrology Introduction you might be wondering am I talking about the 9 planets in our solar system? Or are there any separate planets for astrology. Well let me clear your doubt

In astrology we take in 9 planets which include: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu. In scientific term Sun & Moon are not included in the term planet, but in astrology to keep everything simple we include these in planet category. I am pretty sure you must know about all the first 7 listed planets but what do we mean by Rahu and Ketu?? These 2 include in the category of shadow planets. According to Indian Mythology these are actually 2 deities. If I have to explain in full detail that what does a single planet signify in astrology or what specific role does a x planet play; it will take more than 10 pages to explain it fully, so that’s why I will be keeping it short sticking to only main and important points.

Characteristics of 9 planets

Sun: According to astrology, the Sun plays a vital role for bringing fame and success in occupational areas. Also, it indicates the activeness of the individual which helps him to become successful in many areas of life. Our Sun plays a vital role in our solar system, likewise in our relationships it represents the father figure/ the leader. A positive sun would make the person famous as well as powerful. On the other hand a negative sun would make the person egoistic, arrogant and would be humiliated from others.

Moon: As we all know the moon plays a significant role in our daily lives. It’s a fast moving planet which controls our mind as well as emotions. The different phases of moon amplify the positive or negative impacts on the mind. From our relationship perspective, this planet represents mother and crowd. A positive moon will give peace of mind and a negative one will make the person go through depression.

Mercury: This planet is considered a neutral planet in Astrology. Its positive/negative impacts are hugely dependent on how and with whom it is placed. From Mercury we can tell how clever a person will be. It indicates an analytic mind. From occupation perspective it indicates professions related to communication and commerce.

Venus: In nearly all cultures Venus is a representation of love, beauty and romance. Along with this from astrological perspective it provides an individual with immense wealth and luxurious life. Also, Venus plays a crucial role in how the married life of the person will be.

Mars: If Sun is considered the leader/king then planet Mars is given the title of commander in chief. As the tile shows, it indicates confidence as well as courage of the individual. The Automotive sector comes under Mars. Positive Mars will provide the energy to face the challenges and obstacles in life. While a negative Mars will give hurdles in life.

Jupiter: Planet Jupiter is considered to be a representation of a guru. A positive influence of this planet will provide immense knowledge and happiness. The person will be inclined towards religious activities. As the word guru suggests, it blesses the person with a fortunate life as well as wisdom.

Saturn: Saturn is considered a slow moving planet. That’s why it indicates an old person. Our Karma is ruled by planet Saturn and that’s why it is know for its strict nature. Influence of Saturn gives hurdles in life. The individual faces a lot of challenges but completing the challenges he is granted with a lot of wealth and fame.

Rahu: Rahu is considered the planet who keeps the person in Maya(Illusions). Black magic, snake, poison, thieves are all seen from this planet.

Ketu: If Rahu represents Maya then Ketu is the planet for salvation. Past life can be seen from this planet.

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