Most effective ways to gain weight – Simple and easy to perform


In my earlier post on Weight Loss we talked about how obesity has become one of the major issues that people are facing. Along with that I also gave plenty of steps that one can take for weight loss without much pain.

Now similar to obesity being under weight is also a problem for many people. No matter how much they eat they just don’t seem to gain any weight at all. Well clearly its a big irony. For some even if they eat a few extra calories they seemed to have gained a lot of weight, while on the other hand no matter how much you eat you still look skinny.

Have you ever wondered what’s the main reason behind it?? It all comes to our genetics and body type. But hey!! don’t get demoralized so soon. Let me tell you this, that with right knowledge and efforts you can solve your problem and achieve your desired results.

So, if we cannot do anything about our genetics and body type then what are the steps that we need to take?

How to Gain Weight

To put it simply you need to start working out and along with that make sure your diet consists of good amounts of protein and fat.

Which workout routine should I follow

Beginner: Ok!! If you have no idea about working out and have never been to a gym or have no time for it then I would prefer you to start doing body weight exercises. Just do these 3 simple movements Push-ups, Pull ups and Squats.  You can look on YouTube for tutorials for the same. Make sure you use the correct form while performing the movements.

There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube for bodyweight workouts. Choose one that fits your needs.

Note: Only focus on muscle building exercises and do not indulge in any cardiovascular exercises. Your goal is to do healthy bulking and not burning calories.

Make sure you have a pre-workout meal at least 1 hour before workout. since your goal is to gain weight I would recommend you to consume foods that are high in protein and fat.

Experienced: Also, if you have been working out and have a good knowledge about the same then too I would recommend you to follow the same steps.

  1. Avoid doing any form of cardio exercises.
  2. Consume a pre-workout mean at least 1 hour before workout.
  3. Consume a post workout meal within 30 min of your workout session. Don’t try to eat meals that are fat free or less in calories. Eating all 3 macros (Carbohydrates, Proteins & Fats) in good quantity after your workout session will ensure that your muscles are getting enough nutrition to grow.

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