Most effective ways to lose weight – Simple and easy to perform


One of the most search problems on google is how to lose your weight. If you search some fitness channels on YouTube they too are talking about the same damn thing. How to lose your weight? I know its crazy but if you think about it obesity has become one of the major concerns. Mostly due to our irregular food habits and inactive lifestyle weight gain has become a serious problem. But I am pretty sure if you look at your grandparents pictures when they were young; its very likely that you will find someone obese. There is a reason to that. Actually not just one but two. So, does it mean obese people should become demoralized just because they have some extra calories lying around their body? Absolutely not! You should totally enjoy being yourself as you are one of a kind but on the same hand the drive to improve and become better should be there.

How to lose weight

Balanced diet and active lifestyle. You only need to focus on these 2 things to shed some extra pounds. And yes I have not listed things like tummy slimmer, fat reducing cream, or some weird vibrating tummy belt.

How we do it

Balanced Diet

A diet is considered to be balanced when it contains sufficient amounts of macro and micro nutrients according to your body and lifestyle. Macro meaning Carbohydrates, Protein & Fat. Micro means all the vitamins and minerals. So, how do we calculate how much amount of protein do we need, or how many calories/ fat should I consume. See I know a lot of people who are into this counting business where they track everything they eat; and surely it does work but personally I am not in support of counting your macros or micros. Also, a balanced diet does not mean one should be consuming bland food, not at all. Balanced diet means you should be eating a variety of foods that are not only great for your health but are tasty as well.

To put it simply, in order to loose weight you don’t have to tell me how much you are eating or what foods you like or don’t like; just follow the steps given below.

  1. Eat less than before (One step at a time): Analyze what your diet looks like during the day. Once you have an idea of what are you going to eat throughout the day; try removing 1 or 2 items from the list or start reducing the amount of servings. Don’t just jump and go all in but do it slowly if you want to sustain this goal. In the start do whatever feels comfortable and easy.
  2. Start eating healthy: Look going form a 50% junk diet to a diet totally dependent on vegetables and fruits is not happening at most not more than one day. So, try substituting some junk items with healthy alternatives. Example – If you like drinking soft drinks everyday try switching them up with orange juice ( or any fruit juice). Not only they are lower in calories but provides the body a good amount a micro nutrients.
  3. Eat or drink probiotic/ gut healthy foods: Not only will they improve your digestion but will improve your gut health as well.
  4. Eat Protein and fiber rich foods: Eating foods that are rich in protein as well as fiber not only helps in weight reduction but keeps you full through out the day. So less hungry means less binge eating.
  5. Give a gap: Even if your are eating healthy foods and slowly reducing your calories; sometimes giving a small or a good amount of gap to your stomach from all that foods is necessary. This will not only improve your metabolism and reduce inflammation but will remove all the toxins that are accumulated in your body. So, if someday when you are not feeling hungry try skipping a meal. Or better give a 14 – 16 hours of break from your last dinner to your next breakfast.

Active Lifestyle

Surely Olympic athletes have an active lifestyle but from active I am not talking about that. Rather just sitting at couch and watching tv/ working on laptop all day with slouchy posture will not help you achieve your goal of weight loosing. Surely, one day after watching some action movie you have this crazy motivation to look like the action hero and you start going to gym as well. But after a week you realize you are much better off being a slouchy hero and you suddenly stop. And that is also not what I meant by active lifestyle. Simply, active lifestyle means in order to stay fit you are involved in some physical regime/ playing sports or even doing work that involves movement of your body. And if you are continuing this for a long period of time then this is termed as an active lifestyle.

  1. Try Walking or jogging: If you are not at all into any physical movement or just as we discussed above you start something and then become lazy, then hear me out. Set a goal to walk at least for 10 min daily. This can be at the comfort of your home/ treadmill or outside. This might sound too easy and not too beneficial but the objective is to keep your goals so simple that you never loose your consistency. Remember one step at a time is better than not taking any step.
  2. Select what you like: After walking for at least 10 mins becomes a habit try increasing the intensity. There are a lot of things that you can do. Look for what physical movement excites you. If you are more into gaming try some stimulation boxing or fighting games. If you like building muscles but become lazy to go to gym start doing some push ups, squats or but some home equipment’s and train at home. If you are the kind of person who have a busy lifestyle and have never thought about any physical movement, try searching for some other active options or select one or two from here. Skipping rope, Swimming, table tennis, jogging, dance, Gym, Home workouts, basketball, soccer, cycling, martial arts, etc. If you still have no idea than personally I would say select any one of them and set a goal to do this for at least 10 mins daily.

I know many of you had this goal of losing weight for quite some time/ maybe few years. But if you start now and start small and focus on building consistency then some time later you will find that this has become your daily habit and your goal of losing weight is no longer a pain.

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