Secondary Muscle Training – How to train Calves, Forearms, Neck etc.

If you know about workout or have some experience in workout sessions then you must have heard that we do have to train all of our muscles (All the major muscles like Chest, Back, Legs, Arms, Shoulders). But while training all these major muscles I hope you are not neglecting the minor or secondary muscle groups which are necessary for overall strength & aesthetic look. From reading the title you will understand which muscles I am focusing right now.

Neck Training

I am sure many of you will think that “I am training my back and my shoulders so why is there even a need for Neck Training. I will not only look silly in the gym but it will take a lot of my time”. First of all, Back and shoulder training do somewhat help to build a strong neck but what if I tell you there is a simple, easy to do, and without any equipment neck exercise that you can do anywhere and just takes about 2-3 mins everyday. You will not only feel your neck getting strong but the overall look of your face would drastically improve. Here is a picture illustrating Before and After Neck Training.

Learn how to build a neck like this

If you look carefully the built quality of shoulders, chest and even back is the same in both left and right pic. But what makes the body and face overall aesthetics are the neck muscles.


1) Stand straight and bend your head downwards such that you are looking towards the ground. Keep both your hands on the back of your head which will act as as resistance. Now try to lift your head back to its original position. This is 1 repetition. Do around 10-12reps x 2sets. After this now bend your head upwards such that you are looking towards the ceiling. and repeat the same exercise with equal amount of reps and sets.

2) Stand straight and bend your head towards your right shoulder. It should look like you are trying to touch your right ear with your right shoulder. Now place both your hands on the opposite side that is left and try to lift your head back up to its original position. 10-12reps x 2sets. Do the same thing with the left side too.

Do both of these exercises on alternate days. Example: Exercise 1-mon, wed, fri, sun and exercise 2-tue, thrus, sat .

Calves Training

If you have read my early post on “Is leg workout important?” that you would know that leg muscles comprises of mainly 4-5 major muscles. Quads, Hamstrings, Inner thighs, Calves. In most cases I have seen that people do skip leg day or have little knowledge about how and why to train legs but for even those who do they often neglect their calve muscles. Personally I train calves 2-3 times per week and I like to keepĀ  everything simple in it. Meaning I don’t do any fancy exercise for it which takes up too much of my time. It usually takes around 5-10 minutes for my Calves.


Standing Straight lift your self up by doing calve raises. You can even take support of wall or any object if you find yourself fumbling. Do 25-50Reps x 2-3Sets

How to build your calves

Note: This may look too simple but personally I feel for secondary muscles the exercises should be simple and time efficient. So that performing them will never become a tedious task and we can become consistent in it.


Forearms is one of that muscles which is involved in most of our lifts. Whether be it back, chest, arms and even legs. Many people have this assumption that it automatically gets trained though all these muscles group exercises. This is definitely true but I personally feel that if you give at least 10 min a day towards developing your forearms, not only your grip and strength but the size of this muscle will grow drastically. A personal tip you will somehow feel more confident. I mean having strong arms somehow do help.


They are a plethora of exercises for your forearms. Most of which are very practical and can be done anywhere anytime.

1) Hand Grippers: If you don’t have these you can buy it from amazon. They are really affordable, but are a convenient tool for forearms. Simple squeeze it. You can even hold it upside down so that it will work a different part of your forearm muscle. Do a couple of reps and sets until you feel the burn.

2) Wrist Curls: Sit and hold dumbbells on both your hands. Now place your forearms on both your thighs such that the movement of your wrist is not obstructed. With hands facing upwards curl your wrist inwards. This is rep 1. Do what feels comfortable in starting. After doing with wrist upwards now place your wrist downwards and perform the same movement with the wrist curling outwards.









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