What are the benefits of taking protein rich diet?

All of us have heard that protein consumption is important to build muscles. But what if you are not working out? Is it still necessary to have a balanced protein rich diet?

To put it simply, protein are the building blocks of muscles. Not only it helps to repair muscles but encourages them to grow as well. But that’s not all. Protein rich diet makes you lose weight as well. Since it makes you feel less hungry so you would be eating less than necessary.

The consumption of protein depends on individual to individual. The main factors to be seen when deciding the quantity of daily protein intake is your lifestyle and goals. If your goal is to build muscle than around 1 gm of protein per body weight is recommended. But if your lifestyle does not match your goals than even high protein intake would not help you. So, lets say you weigh around 75 Kg and your goal is to build muscles and gain size. You go to gym regularly and follow a good workout plan. But for some reason you fail to see any result. This might have happened to a lot of you. Despite hard efforts results don’t show up. Then in that case I would recommend that you should modify your diet. Eat foods that are rich in protein and fiber. Example: Kidney Beans, chick peas, Dairy Products (Greek yogurt, Milk, Cheese, Paneer), Peanut butter, lentils, oats etc.

These are some of the high protein source food that you can start adding to your diet to see results. Personally I don’t like counting how much protein I am consuming each day. I just go by feel.

But what if you don’t have an active lifestyle. In that case I would still recommend to eat foods that are rich in protein. Although your consumption would be less but sill eating a well balanced diet would always help you no matter what your goal or lifestyle is.

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